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  professionals are experts in providing engineering and consulting services to our clients. Our cross-functional core competencies include: Requirements Analysis and Design Architecture, Joint Application Development/ Rapid Application Development, Prototyping, Functional Design and Coding, Testing, Mainframe and Client/Server software development, and Technology Integration, Transformation and Migration. We use object-oriented design techniques and are experienced with CASE, DBMS and Graphical User Interface (GUI) tools, internet/intranet technologies, and security systems and firewalls. Our specific areas of business development are:

  Client Server Software Development.

  Business Intelligence Dashboards and Application Development.

  Internet Related E-Commerce Development, Web Deployment and ISP services.

  Systems Integration.

  Database Application Development.

  Education and Training.

  Software Consulting.

  System Transformation – Legacy to the Open systems.

  Data Security products and services.

  Performance Analysis, Testing and Planning.

  Computer Hardware repairs, upgrades and services.